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So, you were fooling around the internet and found me, this place, this site, it said it has information, bios, articles, and lists and lot of senseless ranting about literature online. Maybe that's how you stumbled upon me, or maybe you were being specific on your search, or maybe, well you woke up in a haze and a headache and here you are, not remembering how you got here.

That's o.k., I'm a friendly site, and if you are a fiend of the written word well, you are in for a treat. So am I!

Literature and its many ramifications, fields. Books. Poetry. Authors. Are you bored? Want something to read? Looking for something in particular?

There isn't much to say about me, I'm simple. I think that's my charm. We both have literature in common. You are browsing a site that has sites about literature and I am a site that has an article (or articles, I'd be crossing my fingers if I had any right now) about literature... where have you been all my life? probably somewhere, reading or talking about literature or some book you just read, but I digress.

Your eyes have diverted to my menu (or they just did, after reading that they had, in that case sorry for manipulating you). Its o.k. you can go ahead and click one of them, a title might be of your interest. There's a list of some sort of certain books, there's a ranking of authors, there is an article about your favorite writer, his or her name on the link. You just might read what the articles are and form an opinion, and tell people about me, this site, tell a friend, tell a stranger on the street, go ahead... you know you want to... Go ahead, I enjoy the company.

Fiction, Non Fiction... you might be interested in poking around, go ahead, it's safe. It's just information, bios, articles, and lists and lots of senseless ranting about literature online...

Hard Sell Book and Movie

The Hard Sell book was adapted by producers of Fox 2000 as a movie called “Love and other Drugs'. There are some differences between the versions; the main character in the book is a great salesman that would make anyone buy him medication even if not needed. Informing a bit more of this new era in the field of pharmaceutical products, specially with the huge demand of .

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