10 Literature to Film Adaptations, pt. 1

There is a line that divides Literature and Film, at times is a vast abyss of separation between one and the other like two unrelated worlds, specially now that we live in a world where the dollar and pleasing the corporate boards financing the movie is more important than taking risks in story telling and creativity. In some occasions the line between Film and literature is blurred oh so thinly and can be grayed out, and if properly done, the results can be mesmerizing. Here are a list of 10 great film adaptations of great books (yes, we read them, in case you were wondering.). Also, please notice that we have not used the word "best", this is not accidental, we wanted to list OTHER good movies that were also great books and/or works of literature.

10- "Witches" (Book by Roal Dahl, Film by Nicolas Roeg)

Roal Dahl's novel had many disturbing moments and overall knitted a compelling story altogether, his literature is vast with dark themes and unconventional stories. But the movie by Nicolas Roeg doesn't shy away and with some amazing make-up on Angelica Houston, makes this film a movie that in appearance might be for children but is aimed at adults.

9- "Devil in a Blue Dress" (Book by Walter Mosley, Film by Carl Franklin)

Hard-Boiled Noir Book adapted to a good script and two great performances (Denzel Washington and Don Cheadle) in the film make this 1995 movie a worth see. Filled with an innovative take on the genre, the story nearly focuses more on the "whydunit" rather than the "whodunit", beaking the paradigm of noir literature.

8- "Orlando" (Book by Virginia Woolf, Film by Sally Potter)

Wonderfully made and visually satisfying, this 1992 film did gave some changes to the source material but it did it in a way that in no way harmed the true essence of the story. The Literature and the Film cam together in this movie perfectly

7- "Heart of Darkness" (Book by Joseph Conrad, Film by Francis Ford Coppola retitled as "Apocalypse Now")

In this particular entry two things must be said, the first is that both are brilliant works of art. Although the book was written way before the Vietnam war, Coppola's adaptation made it seem brilliant, and its infamous stories about the filming of the project have been said that making the movie itself was almost and unintended mirror to the novel.

6- "Watership Down" (Book by Richard Adams, Film by Martin Rosen)

One thing that's undeniable about the film based on Adam's Novel is that is disturbing... if looked at as a children's film. But the movie is courageous and visceral. Making this a triumph in uniting literature and film

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